About Us

Hug Life was conceived by a close-knit group of friends who had a plant-based lifestyle and listened to a lot of hip hop. Growing up with traditional families in a financial struggle, we didn't have much help or support. In fact, a few of us went against our family's wishes; we dropped out of school in order to pursue a vision.
Having an appreciation for all forms of life, we wanted to eliminate awkward conversations that can occur between friends with different dietary needs. Before opening our first location, in October of 2016 we tested a few flavors at a friend's ice cream shop which instantly became hits.

Due to the high demand, we decided to carry forward...
We officially opened our Garden Grove, CA location in January of 2017, creating an atmosphere for people to enjoy experiencing plant-based sweets.
After years of blood, sweat, and tears, Hug Life has gotten to where it is today. We have been featured on multiple news articles and have recently opened a second location in Orange.

Keeping the values of hustling, friendliness, and oneness...
Hug Life continues to bring people together no matter their background.